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CBC Marketplace episode faces flak from gambling industry experts

CBC Marketplace episode faces flak from gambling industry experts

Season 4 Episode 4

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The controversy over the amount of advertising by regulated sports betting and gaming operators in Ontario has continued in the first month of 2024. CBC Marketplace enlisted the help of researchers at the University of Bristol in England to track gambling advertising on seven broadcasts of sporting events and with that research finding “gambling messages fill up to 21 per cent of each broadcast, on average”.  Last week, Sean Previl of Global News reported on a push from some corners for a ban on gambling advertising across Canada.

Paul Burns, the president and CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association, appeared on the latest Gaming News Canada podcast and expressed his concern with some of the reporting done in the Marketplace piece. Jessica Welman, the editor-in-chief of SBC Americas, questioned the methodology used by the University of Bristol in its findings while industry veteran Amanda Brewer also weighed in on the Marketplace feature.

Burns, Brewer, Welman and Sebastian Jedrzejewski from U.S. Integrity also participated in a discussion on the leading up to new standards from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario on advertising taking effect at the end of February. Finally, sports trading vet Phill Gray offered a couple of thoughts on Sunday’s NFL conference championship games.

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