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Setting the table for the Canadian Gaming Summit

Setting the table for the Canadian Gaming Summit

Season 2 Episode 23

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The sports betting and gaming industry gathers in Toronto next week, so SBC’s Cristian Robalino and First Pitch competition moderator Jesse Learmonth tee up the conference. And more on the clash of coalitions.

With apologies to devotees of Bill Shakespeare. . . . regulators, operators, communicators, suppliers, marketers, engineers, data darlings, and sure, even the folks who occupy the executive suites, lend us your ears.

Cristian Robalino and Jesse Learmonth joined us from Houston and Victoria respectively to help set the table for next week’s Canadian Gaming Summit in the city below Bolton. Robalino, the VP of Marketing for SBC’s Americas business, answered our questions about the preparations for SBC’s maiden voyage in managing the Canadian conference and also delivered some helpful hints for newbie Summit attendees. Learmonth, an industry veteran and owner/operator of The Betting Startups podcast and newsletter, will hold the moderator’s microphone for  the First Pitch competition on the final day of the three- day event. Learmonth provided an overview of the three finalists along with the opportunities that come from participating in First Pitch.

Amanda Brewer of Kindred Group weighed in on the reporting in Thursday’s Gaming News Canada newsletter presented by GBG Plc on the exchange of legal correspondence between a  coalition of four provincial lottery and gaming corporations, and a coalition of registered operators in Ontario. 

Finally, researchers Dr. Flora Matheson, Dr. Arthur McLuhan and Madison Ford from the MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions walked us through the smartphone app they’ve developed to support people with gambling concerns. The SPRinG app, the researchers hope, will provide additional support to existing services around problem gambling.

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