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What’s news this fall in the Ontario gambling biz, and a request for transparency

What’s news this fall in the Ontario gambling biz, and a request for transparency

Season 3 Episode 6

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Amanda Brewer, the Canadian country manager for Kindred Group, and Canadian gambling industry veteran Kris Abbott rejoined the Gaming News Canada Show presented by Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP for a rapid-fire edition.

The hour of information, insight and discussion from the panel included some thoughts on the start of the NHL regular season this week and what impact, if any, the changes to sports betting advertising standards by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will have on Sportsnet and the league’s other broadcast partners. Both Brewer and Abbott were also asked about the comments by NHL business development executive Kyle McMann about the league’s sports betting partnerships and strategy during a pre-season business-of-the-NHL webinar hosted by Sports Business Journal.

A segment on the current state of the Ontario sports betting and igaming industry also brought up the cone of silence by the province’s conservative government when it comes to tax revenue created by the 40something operators. 

Finally, we teed up this week’s Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas with some advice for first-time attendees along with shining a light on Monday’s panel on what’s happening in Ontario and the rest of Canada with Brewer, new AGCO CEO/registrar Dr. Karin Schnarr, iGaming Ontario executive director Martha Otton, PointsBet’s compliance chief Chantal Cipriano, and Responsible Gambling Council boss Shelley White.

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